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Lecture Bottle, Carbon Dioxide

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Lecture Bottle, Carbon Dioxide
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The standard lecture bottle is 2" in diameter and 15" long. A lecture bottle will fill approximately five 11" balloons with gas. Carbon dioxide lecture bottle contains 0.5 lb (125 liters).

These lecture bottles are not refillable. Please consider our refillable gas cylinders. They provide more gas, eliminate disposal problems, and save you money.

Carbon Dioxide Gas
HAZARD ALERT: In solid form (solidified carbon dioxide - commonly known as dry ice) is very damaging to skin and eyes.
Storage: A cabinet dedicated to bottled gas storage.
Disposal: Completely empty lecture bottle in an operating fume hood then follow #26a.
Shelf Life: Indefinite
Soluble: Slightly soluble in water, hydrocarbons, and most organic solvents.
Color: Colorless
Odor: None
CAS No. 124-38-9 
Special Note: Carbon dioxide lecture bottle is color-coded solid brown.
Carbon Dioxide Gas Preparation: CO2 gas can be produced from dry ice. One to two pounds of dry ice should provide sufficient gas for 40-50 students. You will have to set up a generator apparatus that will enable you to heat the dry ice by placing chunks in a water bath. The evolution of gas is not sufficient unless warmed by water. Your delivery tube (from the generator) should be rather long to allow the gas to reach room temperature. A drying tube will also have to be part of the apparatus to remove moisture.
Some teachers will set up a CO2 generator using a flask (about 250 mL size) into which is placed a long-stem funnel and delivery tube. Using about 25 grams of calcium carbonate (Flinn Catalog Nos. C0347, C0012, C0013, and C0014) and 6 Molar hydrochloric acid (Flinn Catalog No. H0033) will produce approximately 6 liters of CO2 at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. A drying tube should be a part of the generation apparatus.


Lecture Bottle Regulator
Two-stage precision regulator allows for control of the delivery pressure and control of the pressure in the attached lecture bottle. Very compact unit (6" x 4" x 4"); made almost entirely of brass. Cannot be used with a corrosive gas...
Lecture Bottle Control Valve, Brass
The most economical choice for dispensing gas from a lecture bottle. Has a single-stage control valve that connects directly to your lecture bottle. Provides coarse control through a manually operated valve. Fill balloons or attach tubing to the brass...
Balloons, Latex, Sphere, 12", Pkg. of 20
Helium quality latex balloons, assorted colors. Twelve-inch balloon will hold approximately 11 L of gas when fully inflated (approximately one-half of a mole).  A lecture bottle of helium will fill about five 12" balloons.
Balloons, Latex, Sphere, 5", Pkg. of 50

Helium quality latex balloons, assorted colors. Twelve-inch balloon will hold approximately 11 L of gas when fully inflated (approximately one-half of a mole).  A lecture bottle of helium will fill about five 12" balloons.
Lecture Bottle Carrier/Holder
This heavy-duty, six-place lecture bottle carrier/holder proves useful when transporting lecture bottles from room to room in your science department. Consider using this device for permanent storage for your lecture bottles. Instead of allowing your...
Lecture Bottle Holder
Make a safer apparatus setup by placing your lecture bottle in this sturdy holder. Frees teacher's hands and prevents the lecture bottle from rolling off the table. Wide base provides stability; made of heavy-duty PVC.
Lecture Bottle Opener
If you use lecture bottles, then you will find this lecture bottle opener indispensable. Easier to use than a wrench; opens lecture bottles with little effort; aluminum construction; dimensions 7 7/8" x 1" x 1/2".
Adjustable Wrench
Made of drop-forged alloy steel and heat treated for toughness and durability. Chrome finish. Unique design allows easy adjustment and prevents jaw opening from changing setting. An easily adjustable wrench to fit the various valve and control fittings...
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Flinn Catalog/Reference Manual Page 232

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