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Carbon Dioxide, Refillable Cylinder

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Carbon Dioxide, Refillable Cylinder
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Until now, teachers who use small quantities of gases in the lab were forced to purchase disposable, small-volume lecture bottles. Because of the expense of throw-away lecture bottles, many teachers could not afford to use gases in the laboratory.

No longer—everyone can now afford to use gases in the laboratory with Flinn Scientific's refillable gas cylinders. Instead of buying a new gas cylinder every year, you save money by only purchasing a refill. In fact, your savings will multiply with every refill.

Refillables are also environmentally sound, eliminating unnecessary disposal problems. Refilling is recycling. Also note that refillables contain twice the volume of lecture bottles. This means you will save money by purchasing gas less often.

Flinn's return process for refillable cylinders is easy. Every time you need a gas, purchase a refillable cylinder. The price of the refillable cylinder includes the cost of the gas and a $135 deposit on the cylinder. Your net cost of the gas is about $194.81.

If you need to refill a cylinder, send us an order for the refillable cylinder of gas you wish to purchase and contact us to return your empty cylinder. Your new cylinder of gas will promptly be sent to you. When we receive your empty cylinder, a $135 credit will be applied to your account. If you wish to return an empty cylinder that does not require a refill, contact us for return instructions so a $135 credit is correctly applied to your account.
Carbon Dioxide Gas
1.0 lb (approximately 250 liters)

HAZARD ALERT: In solid form (solidified carbon dioxide - commonly known as dry ice) is very damaging to skin and eyes.
Storage: A cabinet dedicated to bottled gas storage.
Disposal: Completely empty lecture bottle in an operating fume hood then follow #26a.
Shelf Life: Indefinite
Soluble: Slightly soluble in water, hydrocarbons, and most organic solvents.
Color: Colorless 
Odor: None
CAS No. 124-38-9

Special Note: Carbon dioxide lecture bottle is color-coded solid brown.

Carbon Dioxide Gas Preparation: CO2 gas can be produced from dry ice. One to two pounds of dry ice should provide sufficient gas for 40-50 students. You will have to set up a generator apparatus that will enable you to heat the dry ice by placing chunks in a water bath. The evolution of gas is not sufficient unless warmed by water. Your delivery tube (from the generator) should be rather long to allow the gas to reach room temperature. A drying tube will also have to be part of the apparatus to remove moisture.
Some teachers will set up a CO2 generator using a flask (about 250 mL size) into which is placed a long-stem funnel and delivery tube. Using about 25 grams of calcium carbonate (Flinn Catalog Nos. C0347, C0012, C0013, and C0014) and 6 Molar hydrochloric acid (Flinn Catalog No. H0033) will produce approximately 6 liters of CO2 at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. A drying tube should be a part of the generation apparatus.


Contents of Bottle: 1 lb. (250 Liters)
Control Valve, Stainless Steel, for Lecture Bottles and Refillable Cylinders
Similar to LB1051 but of stainless steel and with 10" stem for use with ammonia gas. This control valve will only fit ammonia gas lecture bottles and refillable gas cylinders.
Single Stage Regulator for Refillable Cylinders, Brass
Provide your refillable cylinder with accurate pressure control with this single stage regulator. Deliver pressure from 0-60 PSI. Two gauges show delivery pressure and the amount of gas remaining in the refillable cylinder. Not for use with corrosives...
Additional Resources
Flinn Catalog/Reference Manual Page 231

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*Price includes a refundable $135.00 cylinder deposit.

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