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Mixed Rotifers, Culture, Class Size 30

Rotifers, LM1099, etc.
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Mixed Rotifers, Culture, Class Size 30
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Mixed Rotifers. Several freshwater species in a single culture.

Also known as “wheel animalcules” because of the ring of cilia surrounding the mouth. Common inhabitants of fresh water from lakes, ditches and puddles. Transparent, so that internal anatomy can be examined in the living organism, several species have rings in their outer body covering giving the false impression of being segmented. Hardy and active, they are fascinating to observe.

MAINTENANCE: Maintain Rotifers in culture dishes, in moderate light at room temperature. Culture in wheat seed infusion medium which has been prepared and left uncovered 48-72 hours. Supplement with a green algae, such as Chlorella or Chlamydomonas.


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