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Turbatrix aceti, Culture, Class Size 100

Vinegar Eels, LM1101, etc,
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Turbatrix aceti, Culture, Class Size 100
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Vinegar Eels (Turbatrix aceti). Nearly transparent, it bears live young which can often be seen developing within the uterus of the larger females. Its complete, one-way digestive tract is also readily visible.

Nematodes-Vinegar Eels
The roundworms. Turbatrix aceti (also called Anguillula aceti) is the common laboratory specimen from this group. Known as the “vinegar eel” because it is usually found living in the sediment of unpasteurized vinegar where it feeds on bacteria and fungi. As primary consumers, nematodes are a vital link in numerous natural systems.

MAINTENANCE:Maintain vinegar eels in moderate light at room temperature, in virtually any kind of glass or plastic container. Culture in apple cider vinegar (200 mL or more) to which a few cubes of apple have been added.


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