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American Chameleon (Anole), Live, Pkg. of 3

American Chameleon (Anole), Live, Pkg. of 3 (Anolis carolinensis), LM1169, © Ken Lucas/Visuals Unlimited
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American Chameleon (Anole), Live, Pkg. of 3
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Smaller, easy to manage reptiles that will not outgrow classroom accommodations. A state permit is required to ship to Utah. Not available for Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. 

Chameleon (Anolis carolinensis). Commonly the American chameleon, or anole; not a true chameleon though its skin color will change from green to gray or reddish brown depending on mood and environmental conditions. Length to 6"-7"; males distinguished by their pink throat flap (dewlap). 

MAINTENANCE: All will prefer drier habitats with coarse sand, artificial turf and/or mixed bark/gravel substrate. Decorate with sturdy, live plants and loosely stacked rocks to create caves and hiding places. Overall temperature should be approximately 22-25 ºC. Do very well on a diet of crickets, mealworms, earthworms and collected insects. Water should be provided in a shallow dish and by spraying leaf and rock surfaces.


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