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Land Hermit Crabs, Live, Pkg. of 3

Hermit Crab, Land, LM1170
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Land Hermit Crabs, Live, Pkg. of 3
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Coenobita cylpeatus. Students love to watch and care for these endearing, hardy and resourceful creatures. Item may need to ship overnight in times of excessive heat or cold. Additional shipping charges will apply. A state permit is required to ship to Utah. Not available for Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Limited availability November–March.

MAINTENANCE: Hermit crabs do well on dry, coarse sand or coconut fiber substrate with pieces of bark and places to hide and climb (cardboard tubes, large rocks). They should have a shallow dish of fresh water. Temperature should be held above 20 ºC—a low wattage lightbulb makes a convenient heat source. Hermit crabs will eat dry dog food, fresh fruits, and leafy green vegetables.

Hermit Crab Food, 2.4 oz
A convenient pellet diet for all land hermit crabs. Made with fish and plant proteins, fish and soy oils, and all the essential nutrients your hermit crab needs. No need for supplements. One bottle is enough food for a year for one to two hermit crabs....
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