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Slides, Microscope, General Biology, Set B

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Slides, Microscope, General Biology, Set B
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A good choice by itself or as a companion to set A. This set includes several slides selected to reinforce fundamental comparisons. A well-chosen array that spans the breadth and diversity of living things.

Slime mold, (Stemonitis), fruiting body, w.m.

Spirogyra, vegetative and conjugating, w.m.

Wheat rust, (Puccinia), uredinia, telia, aecia, and spermogonia (pycnia), l.s.

Mold types, (sporangia of Rhizopus, Aspergillus, and Penicillium), w.m.

Marchantia, thallus with cupule, antheridia, archegonia, and sporophyte, l.s.

Herbaceous and woody dicot stems, c.s.

Corn, stem, c.s.

Corn, root, c.s.

Corn, leaf, c.s.

Lily, ovary, c.s.

Euglena, w.m.

Aurelia, ephyra, w.m.

Planaria, three regions, c.s.

Fasciola hepatica, w.m.

Ascaris, male and female, c.s.

Bugula, (marine bryozoan), w.m.

Earthworm, l.s. of anterior.

Starfish, ray, c.s.

Insect, legs, four types, w.m.

Insect, spiracle and trachea, w.m.

Frog, liver, section.

Frog, testis, section.

Bird, feathers, three types, w.m.

Bull, sperm, smear.

Ovary, developing follicles, section.

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