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Magiscope, Brock, with Fine Adjustment

Magiscope®, Brock, MS1030
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Magiscope, Brock, with Fine Adjustment
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A durable, fully-functional microscope for field and classroom use. Designed for simplicity with only one moving part and no gears, knobs, cords, or batteries. Constructed of solid aluminum alloy and tempered brass, these scopes are corrosion-resistant and virtually unbreakable. The smooth brass-on-brass friction focusing mechanism is so sure and easy that elementary students can use these scopes with minimal instruction. Optical components are laboratory quality and their standard specifications make them freely interchangeable.

MS1030 (5X eyepiece, 4X objective) features the Lumarod® fiber optic illuminator. The solid acrylic Lumarod collects and transmits light through the stage without adjustment. View prepared slides, pond samples, and other transparent specimens. This improved model has a newly engineered fine adjustment mechanism. Now your Brock microscopes can be used right through high school for higher magnifications.

All are covered by a 10-year unconditional warranty.

Eyepiece, 10X Huygenian
Objective, 10X Achromatic
Objective, 40X Achromatic, for MS1030 Magiscope
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