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High School Stereoscope, Flinn Economy Choice, Fluorescent Illumination, (10X, 30X)

High School Stereoscope, Flinn Economy Choice, MS5020, etc.
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High School Stereoscope, Flinn Economy Choice, Fluorescent Illumination, (10X, 30X)
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Precision optics transmit a clear, three-dimensional upright image suited to the greater demands of the high school. For fine dissection work, larger specimens, or minerals and other opaque objects these instruments offer the versatility and durability you expect.
Features include:

• Paired, widefield 10X eyepieces with diopter adjustment.
• 45º inclined head rotates 360º and locks in place.
• Paired objectives are parfocal, parcentered, and achromatic.
• Heavy-duty rack and pinion focusing with damage-preventing slip clutch and tension adjustment.
• Two 80 mm stage plates-frosted glass and reversible black/white.
• Four-position light switch: incidental (top) only, transmitted (bottom) only, top/bottom combined, and off.
• Locked-on tamperproof stage clips.
• Rugged cast metal frame with chemical-resistant gray enamel finish.
• Vinyl dust cover provided.
• Limited lifetime warranty.

Available with standard (incandescent) or fluorescent illumination:

Standard Illumination: High intensity 12V, 10-watt bulb for incidental (top) light; 115V, 15-watt bulb for transmitted (bottom) light. More than ample lighting intensity so that accessory illumination will not be required.

Fluorescent Illumination: Cool, long lasting and efficient fluorescent bulbs top and bottom. 115V, 5-watt bulbs produce very little heat and outlast conventional bulbs by up to 10 times. They produce a bright, white light that does not distort or mute natural coloration of objects viewed.

High School Stereoscope Accessories are sold separately below.


Eyepieces, Widefield 10X, 2/pkg
Bulb, Fluorescent, 5-watt
For MS1047 and MS1048.
Bulb, 12V, 10-watt (Top)
Bulb, 115V,15-watt (Bottom)

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