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Dial-O-Gram® Balance

Dial-O-Gram® Balance, OB1030
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Dial-O-Gram® Balance
Product Description

Offering high precision with remarkable value. The three-point base, special floating bearing principle, and beam design on these balances eliminates the need for level adjustment. Zeroing is quickly achieved by means of a counterbalancing knob at the end of the beam. Other features include aluminum pressure castings for the base and beam assembly, agate bearings, steel knife edges, and stainless steel pans. Five-year warranty.

Capacity: 310 g
Sensitivity: 0.01 g
Test Tube Support
A simple wire support that easily attaches to the pan support assembly. The addition of this simple accessory enables you and your students to weigh test tubes in an upright position.
Vinyl Dust Covers for Cent-O-Gram® and Dial-O-Gram® Balances
Vinyl dust covers for Cent-O-Gram® and Dial-O-Gram® balances.
Pan Support Assembly
Balance Compensator Assembly
End Loop Assembly
Mechanical Balance Repair Manual
A complete, descriptive and easy-to-use repair manual that takes science teachers through the steps of diagnosing and remedying problems with their Ohaus mechanical balances.
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