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Triple Beam Balance

Triple Beam Balance, OB1040
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Triple Beam Balance
Product Description

Our most popular balance! The same top-quality balance you used in high school. Includes a large 15 cm diameter stainless steel pan, and a balance mechanism that is magnetically damped to allow quick readings. An attachment weight set (see OB1065) may be purchased separately to expand the capacity of this balance from 610 g to 2610 g. Five-year warranty.

Capacity with weight attachments: 2610 g
Capacity without weight attachments: 610 g

Sensitivity: 0.1 g


Attachment Weight Set
For use with triple beam balances. One 500-gram weight and two 1000-gram weights are furnished.
Vinyl Dust Cover for Triple Beam Balances
Vinyl dust cover for triple beam balances, Flinn Catalog Nos. OB1040 & OB1035.
Compensator Assembly
Mechanical Balance Repair Manual
A complete, descriptive and easy-to-use repair manual that takes science teachers through the steps of diagnosing and remedying problems with their Ohaus mechanical balances.
Additional Resources
Flinn Catalog/Reference Manual Page 166
Flinn Middle School Catalog/Reference Manual Page 165
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