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Potassium Hydroxide, Gramolpak, 1 M, 500 mL

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Potassium Hydroxide, Gramolpak, 1 M, 500 mL
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(as KOH)
1 Molar, 500 mL

HAZARD ALERT: Skin contact causes severe blisters; strongly corrosive as a solid and as a solution; very harmful if swallowed; extremely dangerous to eyes. LD50 273 mg/kg. TLV 2 mg/m3.
SPECIAL HAZARD ALERT: Wear appropriate face and body protection when making solutions; potassium hydroxide generates large amounts of heat while dissolving. You might consider immersing your solution-making vessel in an ice bath. The ice bath will better enable you to control the solution temperature. Stir continuously.
Storage: Inorganic #4
Disposal: #10
Shelf Life: Fair; absorbs water and carbon dioxide.
Soluble: Water, alcohol and glycerin.
Color: White
Odor: None
CAS No. 1310-58-3
Technical Note: Reagent potassium hydroxide contains 10-15% water.
*Gramolpak™ is a unique package that makes a known solution with distilled water.


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*Gramolpak is a unique package which makes a known solution with distilled water.

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