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Squid, Preserved, 8"-12", Single Injected

Squid, Preserved, PM1025, etc.
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Squid, Preserved, 8"-12", Single Injected
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Genus Loligo. Representative of the most highly developed of the molluscan classes-the Cephalopods. The evolution of a closed circulatory system and an advanced nervous system enabled the squid to adopt a highly mobile existence-unusual among the molluscs. Select from plain or single injected, all specimens measure eight to twelve inches from mantle tip to tentacle base. Single injected squid have red latex injected into the vascular system.

Frustrated by dissection guides your students cannot understand?  Enhance your preserved squid dissection with Flinn's detailed and easy-to-follow Dissection and Photo Guides. 

Flinn Dissection Guides were written for maximum comprehension by middle school and high school students. The consistent writing style and format allows students to compare anatomical structures across species. Simple diagrams that correlate with the stepwise instructions will help your concrete thinkers follow the path of each body system. Helpful hints such as approximate location or typical color are specified for hard-to-locate organs.

Brightly colored Flinn Dissection Photo Guides were produced with middle school and high school students in mind! Created from photographs taken during actual dissections, these versatile guides will be tremendous tools for all of your students’ study of anatomy and zoology. Prominent anatomical features and organs are labeled to help students locate these features on their own specimens. The guides may also be used as a review tool for lab practicals or other assessments.  

A package of 10 Loligo Squid Dissection Guides, FB1914, and a package of 5 Loligo Squid Dissection Photo Guides, FB1915, are sold separately below.


Additional Resources
Flinn Catalog/Reference Manual Page 853
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