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Eye-Face Wash with Bowl and Wall Mount Bracket

Eye/Face Wash, with Bowl and Wall Mounting Bracket SE1010
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Eye-Face Wash with Bowl and Wall Mount Bracket
Product Description

The eye/face wash has two very large nozzles to irrigate and wash both sides of the face and both eyes. Pressing down on the yellow pushplate valve activates the flow of water, which will remain on until manually closed. Both hands thus remain free to hold eyelids open.

Ideal location to mount the eye/face wash is on the end of the teacher's demonstration table next to the sink. Installation is relatively easy and inexpensive since the location of the plumbing is so near.

Self-adjusting 8.0-gpm regulator assures a constant, even flow of water under varying school water pressures. Bowl and nozzles constructed of durable, high-visibility yellow ABS plastic. Valve is chrome-plated brass. Unit comes with a mounting bracket. Eyewash is ANSI Z358.1–2009, SEI certified.

Please visit http://labsafety.flinnsci.com/Chapter.aspx?ChapterId=112&UnitId=7 to view a free video on Eyewash Requirements!


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