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Flinn Demonstration Hood Table

Flinn Portable Demonstration Hood SE4050 shown with Demonstration Hood Table SE4051. Two persons can easily work at the hood. Hood weighs only 54 pounds and can easily be moved or stored when not in use.
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Flinn Demonstration Hood Table
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• Removes corrosive, noxious or other dangerous fumes.

• Protects science instructor and students.

• Easily moved, no permanent installation required.

• Provides a safe facility to perform demonstrations you might otherwise avoid.

• Hood is painted light gray with chemical-resistant Super Chem-Tuff paint.

• Durable 3/4'' plywood construction.

• Chemical-resistant front and rear sash, 3/16'' thick polycarbonate.

• 500 ft3/min of free air moved at a fixed fan speed of 1570 rpm.

• 60 linear feed face velocity when attached to ductwork provided.

• Shaded pole, 110 VAC, 1/10 H.P., 3.5 amp direct drive, continuous duty motor.
Note: The Flinn portable Demonstration Hood is not a true fume hood.

Flinn Portable Demonstration Hood Table Dimensions: 51 3/4" L x 21 1/2" D x 38 5/8" H. Weight: 47 lbs. Formica, chemical resistant surface, collapsible; wood construction; specially designed and built to accommodate Flinn Portable Demonstration Hood.

Please visit http://labsafety.flinnsci.com/Chapter.aspx?ChapterId=96&UnitId=3 to view a free video on Laboratory Ventilation and the Use of Fume Hoods!

Must be shipped by motor truck freight.

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Flinn Catalog/Reference Manual Page 1169
Flinn Middle School Catalog/Reference Manual Page 241

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