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Flinn/SciMatCo® Mini Stak-a-Cab™ Combination Acid/Flammables Cabinet

Flinn/SciMatCo® Mini Stak-a-Cab™ Cabinets
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Flinn/SciMatCo® Mini Stak-a-Cab™ Combination Acid/Flammables Cabinet
Product Description

A smaller Stak-a-Cab™ ideal for biology or physical science storage areas. Also perfect for smaller high schools (500 students) or middle schools. Locate on top of a storeroom benchtop or on the floor under a counter. Also stack two or three high to create more storage space. Choose from a number of specialized stackable cabinets for your storage needs.

• All Cabinets are constructed of 1" thick 9-ply exterior grade plywood and finished with Super Chem-Tuff™ paint.
• Organize all your laboratory chemicals in a space no larger than a standard flammables cabinet.
• Individual cabinet is designed for stacking or as a stand-alone unit for the laboratory bench.
• Customize a chemical storage center for your own special storage needs.
• All cabinets constructed to meet and exceed applicable NFPA and OSHA standards.
• Cabinets may be safely stacked three high with optional floor stand.
• Flammables cabinets are UL listed.

Acid Cabinet Features:
• All wood construction in acid cabinet eliminates corrosion and guarantees years of safe acid storage.
• Entirely wooden hinge assembly eliminates common problem of hinge deterioration that characterizes other manufacturers' cabinets.
• Floor of each cabinet constructed as a liquid tight 2" deep trough to contain spillage.

Combination Acid/Flammables Cabinet: Two Cabinets—One Low Price! Allows for safe organization of compatible chemicals. Each compartment is entirely separate to prevent spills or fumes from leaking between them. Suitable locking mechanism for both compartments. Meets NFPA and OSHA standards. Flammable cabinets are UL approved and available with self-closing door(s) upon request.

All units: 17" H x 14½" D x 31" W

Color: Gray
Capacity: Acid 4 x 2.5 L, Flammables 4 x 1 Gallons
Flinn Catalog/Reference Manual Page 1161
Flinn Middle School Catalog/Reference Manual Page 745

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