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Flinn Triple Beam Balance

Flinn Triple Beam Balance OB2098
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Flinn Triple Beam Balance
Product Description

Finally, a low-cost, reliable, mechanical balance. Provides the convenience of a top loader yet retains the ruggedness needed for a variety of lab work. Tiered beam visibility combined with zero adjust results in fast weighing performance and reduced error. Magnetic beam damping allows quick readings without affecting sensitivity or accuracy. May be locked down with an anti-theft device (sold separately). 610 g capacity, 0.1 g precision, 16-cm diameter platform.

Anti-Theft Device for Balances
Secure your expensive top-loading balance with an anti-theft device. Much like a bicycle lock, the cable attaches to the balance and then to a permanent fixture in the laboratory. Does not fit OB2136 or OB2137.
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