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Density Identification Set

Density Identification Set AP7204
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Density Identification Set
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Challenge students to determine the composition of 15 colorful, different-sized rods, each one a different material. Students exercise their measurement skills with mass, length, and volume determinations as they problem solve to identify each material. Durable rods are made of various familiar woods, metals, and plastics and are designed to withstand years of student use. Their large size ensures more accurate measurements. Set contains a sturdy storage base with one sample each of oak, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyamide, acrylic, phenolic, chlorinated PVC, Teflon®, aluminum, brass, and copper and two samples each of acetyl and polyvinylchloride. Samples are stamped with a letter code for easy teacher identification. Thirty students, working in pairs, can identify one sample at a time. Instructions, suggested activities, and material information sheets are included.

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