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PCR-Based DNA Fingerprinting Kit

PCR-Based DNA Fingerprinting, FB1892
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PCR-Based DNA Fingerprinting Kit
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PCR-polymerase chain reaction- is an amazing technique used to “amplify” a mere trace of DNA into enough material to fully analyze. In this kit, students actually get to use this amazing modern technique! PCR amplification of simulated crime scene and suspect DNA is followed by separation of the PCR reaction products by electrophoresis. The non-human DNA is amplified using an easy-to-use PCR reaction pellet and premixed primer. Instructions for the “cycling” process, using either a thermal cycler or three water baths, are provided in the comprehensive instruction guide. The kit does not contain human DNA. A wonderful way to capture the science behind CSI shows in the classroom!

Requires a thermal cycler or three water baths and a microcentrifuge. Gel electrophoresis equipment is required to analyze the PCR samples. Supplied with a live materials card which must be returned two weeks before needed.

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