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End of Year Finale - Multi-Demonstration Kit

End of Year Finale -
Multi-Demonstration Kit, AP7166
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End of Year Finale - Multi-Demonstration Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Put an exclamation point on your year-end review of chemistry concepts with this electric, entertaining, patriotic set of five demonstrations!

• Passing electric current through a solution produces streaks of silver crystals that reverse course when the polarity is switched.
• Mix milk of magnesia with universal indicator and observe a colorful show when the antacid dissolves in simulated stomach acid.
• Take two rusty iron balls, wrap one in aluminum foil, then bang them together and observe the fireworks in this safe variation of the classic thermit reaction.
• Mix three sets of two colorless solutions and, in 30 seconds, the solutions flash red, white, and blue in a tribute to the grand old flag.
• Add a pale solution to Uncle Sam's topper, then hold on to your own hat as red, white, and blue foam erupts from the stars and stripes adorned stovepipe.

Concepts: Oxidation-reduction, electrolysis, pH indicators, acid-base neutralization, activation energy, exothermic reactions, buffers, solubility and equilibrium, clock reactions, catalyst, decomposition reactions.
Time Required: One full class period
Materials Provided: Hydrogen peroxide solution, hydrochloric acid solution, sodium sulfite, sodium bisulfite, sodium iodide solution, universal indicator solution, thymolphthalein solution, phenolphthalein solution, soap solution, magnesium chloride solution, milk of magnesia, formaldehyde solution, tin(II) chloride solution, blue and red food dyes, 9-V battery, aluminum foil, iron balls, plastic vials, Petri dish.
Note: Common laboratory glassware and equipment are required but not provided.

Enough materials are included to perform each demonstration seven times.


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