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Kinetics and Reaction Rates - Activity-Stations Kit

Kinetics and Reaction Rates - Activity-Stations Kit, AP7192
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Kinetics and Reaction Rates - Activity-Stations Kit
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By: Patricia Mason, Retired, Delphi Community H.S., Delphi, IN and
Kathy Kitzmann, Mercy H.S., Farmington Hills, MI

How fast will a chemical reaction occur? Too slow, and it may not be practical. Too fast, and it may explode! In this activity-stations lab, students investigate various factors that influence the rate of chemical reactions. Five independent mini-lab activities are set up around the classroom. Each activity is designed to take about 10 minutes to complete, and students may rotate through the five stations in any order.

Students study the effects of surface area, reactant concentration, temperature, nature of reactants and catalysts on reaction rates. Includes Teacher Notes with complete sample data, comprehensive background information, reproducible student handouts, and all necessary chemicals and consumable supplies. Do twice the labs in half the time!

Complete for 30 students working in groups of three.

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