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Properties of Gases and the Gas Laws -
Activity-Stations Kit

Properties of Gases and the Gas Laws -
Activity-Stations Kit, AP7092
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Properties of Gases and the Gas Laws -
Activity-Stations Kit
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By: Patricia Mason, Retired, Delphi Community H.S., Delphi, IN
and Kathy Kitzmann, Mercy H.S., Farmington Hills, MI

The properties of gases and the gas laws are important in many areas of science and real life, including physiology, meteorology, scuba diving, even hot air ballooning! In this activity-stations kit, students will investigate the properties of gases, derive the mathematical relationships among the gas variables, and use the kinetic-molecular theory to explain the behavior of gases. There are four “mini-lab” activities, each one focusing on a specific principle or topic:

• Diffusion of Gas Molecules
• Atmospheric Pressure
• Boyle's Law
• Charles' Law

Each activity is a self-contained unit designed to take about 10 minutes to complete—student groups may rotate through the stations in any order. Teacher Notes with complete sample data, comprehensive background information, reproducible student handouts, and all chemicals and consumables needed to perform the activities are supplied. Activity-stations lab format lets you do more labs in less time!

Complete for 24 students working in groups of three.


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