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Opening Day - Multi-Demonstration Kit

Opening Day - Multi-Demonstration Kit, AP7165
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Opening Day - Multi-Demonstration Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Welcome your students to the “wonderful world of chemistry!” Five colorful and engaging demonstrations have been selected to help students develop observational and critical-thinking skills—and to get them excited about the amazing science that lies ahead.

• "Think Tube" will have students scratching their heads in wonder. What's inside the tube?
• Add chunks of dry ice to various colored solutions, then watch as the solutions immediately begin to “boil” and change color. What's going on here?
• Dip a red sponge into a red solution—the sponge turns blue! Dip the blue sponge into a blue solution and the sponge turns red!
• Passing electric current through a green solution produces gas bubbles at each pencil lead electrode and a rainbow of color changes.
• Fascinating chemical reaction “rotates” back and forth between yellow and blue.

Concepts: Hypothesis, models, pH indicators, acids and bases, electrolysis, decomposition reactions, oscillating reactions, reaction mechanisms.
Time Required: One full class period
Materials Provided: Ammonia solution, hydrochloric acid solution, sodium sulfate, universal indicator solution, bromcresol green indicator solution, bromthymol blue indicator solution, hydrogen peroxide solution, methyl red indicator solution, phenol red indicator solution, acidified potassium iodate solution, blue and red food dyes, sodium hydroxide solution, starch-malonic acid-manganese(II) sulfate solution, 9-V battery, battery clip with alligator leads, disposable Petri dish, indicator sponge, pencil leads, Think Tube assembly.
Note: Common laboratory glassware and equipment are required but not provided.

Enough materials are included to perform each demonstration seven times.


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