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Chromatography Challenge - Science, Inquiry, and Art - Guided-Inquiry Kit

Chromatography Challenge - Science, Inquiry, and Art - Guided-Inquiry Kit, AP7174
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Chromatography Challenge - Science, Inquiry, and Art - Guided-Inquiry Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Black is the absence of color—or is it? The challenge in this inquiry-based activity is for students to reproduce beautiful multicolor art patterns created by the teacher using radial paper chromatography and a variety of black markers. Students will be amazed at the unique art chromatograms that can be made, and teachers will delight in the novel problem-solving strategies students use to recreate the designs. An excellent activity to teach compounds and mixtures, the separation of mixtures, and the principles of chromatography. Includes detailed instructions with reproducible student handouts, valuable Teacher Notes, and a page of beautiful color photos of sample art.

Complete for 90 radial chromatograms. Includes one set of eight markers. Additional sets of markers are available separately.

Black Markers, Assorted Set of 8
Assorted black ink formulations may be used to create beautiful chromatography art or to construct forensic chromatography activities. Assorted set of eight. Water soluble.
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