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Simulated Laser Emission- Demonstration Model

Simulated Laser Emission - Demonstration Model, AP7179
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Simulated Laser Emission- Demonstration Model
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Lasers have become commonplace in recent years and yet the understanding of how they work is often elusive. Show your students the basic principles behind a helium-neon laser using this simple model. Straightforward demonstration consists of a tube with “reflective” foam ends and BBs to simulate the photons. Shake the tube back and forth and the BBs bounce off the reflective ends, just like photons in a real laser. One of the reflective ends has a small opening that allows only one or two BBs to exit at one time, simulating the inefficiency of a laser. The BBs exit the tube traveling in only one direction, showing why laser light is coherent. This simple, easy-to-perform demonstration will help reveal the hidden, inner workings of a laser. Detailed instructions, background information, and student worksheet are provided. All the materials are completely reusable-a great value!

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