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Silver Holiday Ornaments - Student Laboratory Kit

Silver Holiday Ornaments - Student Laboratory Kit, AP7189
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Silver Holiday Ornaments - Student Laboratory Kit
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By: Edmund Escudero, Summitt Country Day School, Cincinnati, OH

Beautiful chemistry! Create stunning silver ornaments to demonstrate a practical application of a classic redox reaction. Simply mix dextrose, a reducing sugar, with a basic solution containing silver-ammonia complex ions in a glass ornament ball, swirl, and voilá—a lustrous silver mirror plates out on the inside of the ornament. The resulting silver holiday ornaments “reflect” the way silver mirrors are actually produced! Can you imagine how thin the silver coating actually is? Maybe not, but students can estimate the number of silver atoms in the thickness of the silver mirror using atomic mass, radius, and density calculations. Kit includes 24 glass ornaments, 2-5/8"-diameter, and enough solutions and Beral pipets for every student to make their own holiday ornament. Magnificent ornaments are guaranteed to become prized possessions—what a great way to remember chemistry!

Also includes reproducible student handouts, detailed background information, and complete Teacher Notes with sample data and answers to all questions.

Complete for 24 students working individually.


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