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PSworks Parabola

PSworks Parabola, AP7208
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PSworks Parabola
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Clearly convince your students that a projectile follows a parabolic path! Launch a ball bearing using the unique launching mechanism, and watch the ball skim the surface of the track which is in the shape of a parabola. Connect the optional PSworks Photogate Timer to the track to demonstrate the conservation of energy-the projectile's speed is the same when it's at the same height, whether it's going up or down.
Flipping the Parabola over coverts it to a conservation of energy track. Show students that a ball will roll to the same starting height even if the path to get there is longer or shorter. This two-for-one demonstration apparatus is a versatile addition to your physics equipment. Made from durable hardwood-it will last for years! Teacher instructions and student worksheet are provided. PSworks Stand, or equivalent, is required. PSworks Photogate Timer is a recommended option.

PSworks Photogate Timer
Finally—an inexpensive and accurate photogate timer for all your high-speed timing needs! Measure time to 0.0001 seconds with no fuss. The Flinn PSworks Photogate Timer is easy-to-use with five common function modes specifically used in the physical...
PSworks Support Stand
This stand is required to support all Flinn PSworks equipment. Anodized aluminum pole stands 1-meter tall, and has 19 holes spaced 50-mm apart. Solid hardwood base has three adjustable leveling feet. Wrench or pliers are needed to secure the pole to...
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