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Mini Magdeburg Hemispheres- Student Laboratory Kit

Mini Magdeburg hemispheres - Student Laboratory Kit, AP7213
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Mini Magdeburg Hemispheres- Student Laboratory Kit
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Amaze your students with the force of air pressure! This student lab kit dramatically demonstrates the force of air pressure using mini Magdeburg hemispheres. Simply press two Magdeburg hemispheres together until they stick, then hang them from a support stand. Attach a spring scale to the bottom hemisphere, and pull down. Students will be astounded at the force required to pull the Magdeburg hemispheres apart! Quantitative measurements using the spring scale allow students to calculate the air pressure related to that force. Detailed student instructions and Teacher Notes are provided. Spring scales (2000 g/20 N) are required but not included. Enough materials are provided for 15 groups.

Spring Scale, Pull Type, 2 kg/20 N

Calibrated in both grams and Newtons to allow students to measure mass or force. The large adjustment knob at the top provides for easy zeroing. Constructed of clear, durable plastic for easy reading and to withstand repeated student use. The large...
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