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Modeling Equilibrium - Super Value Kit

Modeling Equilibrium - Super Value Kit, AP7217
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Modeling Equilibrium - Super Value Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

What is equilibrium? What happens to the amounts of reactants and products when equilibrium is reached? What if more reactants or products are then added?

Well, seeing is believing! In this cooperative classroom activity, student use plastic nickels to represent reactants and products in a reversible reaction. There's one rate constant for the forward reaction, and a different rate constant for the reverse reaction. After each round of “reaction,” students record the new amounts of reactants and products. The nature of equilibrium is clear as students see how the amounts change and then reach a constant value. Additional “nickel reactions” lead students to the definitions of the equilibrium constant and LeChâtelier's principle. A great introduction to core concepts! Includes detailed Teacher Notes, reproducible student worksheets, plastic nickels, data table, and graphing transparencies.

Super Value Kit is complete for cooperative classroom activity. All materials are reusable!


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