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Biotechnology for Young Scientists -
Student Laboratory Kit

Biotechnology for Young Scientists -
Student Laboratory Kit, FB1806
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Biotechnology for Young Scientists -
Student Laboratory Kit
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Students will be amazed as they extract and isolate DNA from fruit! The “spooled” DNA obtained in this manner is identified using electrophoresis, the most common technique in biotechnology. Visible bands appear as the DNA fragments run through the “molecular maze” in the presence of an electric field. Kit includes dried fruit and all solutions needed for students to isolate DNA, as well as agarose, buffer, and dyes for electrophoresis. Dried fruit is a safe, convenient source of DNA. Purified fish DNA added to the isolated fruit DNA for electrophoresis ensures that DNA bands will always be visible. Student success every time!

Complete for six student groups. Super Value Kit is complete for 30 student groups. Electrophoresis apparatus is required and available separately.


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