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Visual Perception - Super Value Activity-Stations Kit

Visual Perception -
Super Value Activity-Stations Kit, FB1872
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Visual Perception - Super Value Activity-Stations Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Four “out of sight” activities that will stay in your students' minds long after they leave the classroom!

•  In the first activity, students explore their depth perception skills and discover the advantages of binocular vision.

•  Then they test their hand-eye coordination and learn about visual-motor feedback. Expect lots of laughter as students attempt to follow the path of a maze while looking in a mirror!

•  Relate peripheral vision to the properties of rods and cones using a “vision disk” and special reading cards. Students will actually “see” the difference between the two types of cells.

•  Finally, discover how afterimages are produced by concentrating on strangely colored, yet familiar objects.

Includes complete instructions with reproducible student handouts and valuable Teacher Notes with teaching tips, lab hints, and sample data.

Super Value Kit is complete for 12 student groups. All materials are complete reusable—a great value!

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