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Salinity of Water: Environmental Science Student Lab Kit

Salinity of Water - Environmental Science Laboratory Kit, FB1878
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Salinity of Water: Environmental Science Student Lab Kit
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Approximately 70% of the Earth's crust is covered in water, with saltwater accounting for 97%. The purpose of this lab is to analyze the amount of sodium chloride in saltwater and to gain an understanding of how salinity affects the availability of water and water shortages. Students carry out the micro-titration of saline water with silver nitrate and fluorescein as the endpoint indicator. After completing a standard curve based on the analysis of reference solutions, students determine the concentration of two unknown water samples. All samples are within normal limits of salinity for a variety of water sources from around the world. The detailed background section includes information regarding freshwater and saltwater as well as the global use of saline water for drinking water and agriculture.

Ten reusable 24-well reaction plates are recommended and may be purchased separately.

Complete for 30 students working in groups of three.

Reaction Plates, 24-well

Clear polystyrene plates—think of them as micro test tubes or beakers! Sample identification is easy since each plate is organized into rows of wells marked on the two axes by letters and numbers. The reaction plates are stackable for convenient storage...
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