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Permeability, Porosity, and Soil Moisture

Permeability, Porosity, and Soil Moisture - Student Laboratory Kit, FB1882
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Permeability, Porosity, and Soil Moisture
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Often thought of as “just dirt,” soil is actually a complex mixture of inorganic minerals, organic matter, air and water. The size of the particles in soil affects not only how much air is present but also the ability of soil to hold water. In this kit, students determine the permeability and porosity of soil by measuring how easily air and water move through soil, and the volume of air and water the soil will hold respectively. The moisture content, permeability rate, and porosity of local soil samples may be tested and compared to that of sand, which is included in the kit. Kit contains detailed instructions, background information, teacher notes and all of the materials needed for 30 students working in pairs. Soil samples may need to be collected locally.

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