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Joint Models Demonstration Kit

Joint Models Demonstration Kit, FB1909
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Joint Models Demonstration Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Loose joints? Creaky joints? Get those joints moving again using our three-dimensional wooden joint models! Teaching students how bones interact to form joints is difficult if all you have are pictures. Increase student understanding of how joints move and the sizes and shapes of the major synovial joints with these creative models. Wooden joint models can be physically examined and manipulated to see how different joints rotate and allow us to move. Find out how a pivot joint allows you to shake your head “No” and how a ball-and-socket joint lets you throw a fastball or a curveball! Ball-and-socket, hinge, gliding, and pivot joints are all represented. Kit contains four different reusable wooden joint models, complete instructions with teacher notes, and reproducible student handouts and worksheets.

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