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Beyond the Rainbow—Discovering Infrared and Ultraviolet Light

Beyond the Rainbow - Discovering Infrared and Ultraviolet Light AP7284, etc.
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Beyond the Rainbow—Discovering Infrared and Ultraviolet Light
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By: The Flinn Staff

There is more to light than meets the eye! Instead of just giving your students information about the electromagnetic spectrum, allow them to discover infrared and ultraviolet light for themselves. Two “enlightening” demonstrations reveal evidence for light energy beyond the visible spectrum.

• The first demonstration using a glass prism and four thermometers simulates William Herschel’s 1800 discovery of infrared radiation. As students observe and record temperature data from various parts of the spectrum, they will be astonished to discover the greatest increase in temperature occurs just beyond the red portion of the spectrum.

• The second demonstration follows Johann Ritter’s quest in 1801 to detect invisible energy beyond the violet end of the spectrum by chemical means. The evidence is clear as students observe photosensitive paper after it’s exposed to the spectrum produced by passing sunlight through a glass prism.

Includes enough materials to perform both demonstrations seven times.

Concepts: Electromagnetic spectrum, infrared light, ultraviolet light.
Time Required: 25 minutes
Materials Provided: Black construction paper, equilateral glass prism, photosensitive paper, plastic-backed thermometers.
Note: Refill packages of photosensitive paper are available separately. An 11" x 17" x 9" cardboard box with a lid is needed for both demonstrations, but not included.


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