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Fruit Fly Genetics Simulation Kit

Fruit Fly Genetics Simulation Kit FB1912
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Fruit Fly Genetics Simulation Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Want to perform a fruit fly genetics lab without setting up and maintaining live Drosophila cultures? This kit is for you! Students use hands-on card activity to investigate all of the key genetics concepts, including genotypes versus phenotypes, dominant versus recessive traits, and Punnett squares. Multiple generations of monohybrid, dihybrid, sex-linked, and backcrosses can be simulated and analyzed. The results of each cross are clearly displayed using the detailed, colorful fruit fly genetics cards and genetic-cross sheets Students gain a concrete understanding of Drosophila’s genetic makeup and the principles of genetics. Reliable results are guaranteed—no contamination of cultures can occur here! Includes detailed teacher notes, extensive background material, and all materials for five groups of six students playing at the same time.

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