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Science Laboratory Safety Manual

Science Laboratory Safety Manual, AP7292
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Science Laboratory Safety Manual
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By: Linda M. Stroud, Ph.D. and Kenneth Russell Roy

Detailed and comprehensive science safety manual! More than 400 information-packed pages describe and explain the rules, policies, and procedures that will help you improve safety in your school. The author, Dr. Linda Stroud, founder of Science & Safety Consulting Services, offers advice and recommendations based on 34 years of experience in science education and safety training. Includes the following topics:

• Right-to-know Laws, fire and safety codes, negligence and liability
• Personal protective equipment and its proper use
• Chemical procurement, handling, labeling, and storage
• Chemical and biological hazardous waste disposal
• Appropriate use of glassware, hardware, and laboratory equipment
• Common laboratory safety hazards
• Fire and electrical safety hazards
• NFPA Fire Rating System and labeling requirements
• Prudent laboratory practices
• First aid policies and procedures
• How to conduct a Laboratory Assessment

Written in clear, concise, and easy-to-understand language, this manual features simple, practical solutions for common laboratory safety problems. A must-have reference for every science teacher and school administrator! 3rd edition, 408 pages, 8˝” x 11”, spiral-bound.


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