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Periodic Table Analogy - A Card Puzzle - Super Value Kit

Periodic Table Analogy - A Card Puzzle - Super Value Kit, AP7264
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Periodic Table Analogy - A Card Puzzle - Super Value Kit
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By: Fran Zakutansky, Pascack Valley High School, Hillsdale, NJ

Unlock the puzzle of the periodic table! In this activity, students are challenged to organize or arrange a special deck of colored cards using a method of two-dimensional classification. Students discover the meaning of periodicity as their final layout reveals patterns and trends in the rows and columns. But wait, the table is incomplete! Students’ learning is improved as they predict the properties of missing cards, just as Mendeleev predicted the properties of “missing” elements in the periodic table more than 100 years ago.
Includes complete instructions with reproducible student handouts, valuable Teacher Notes, and 10 sets of 30 cards.
Super Value Kit is complete for 10 student groups. All materials are reusable!


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