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Combining Colored Light—Physical Science Demonstration Kit

Combining Colored Light—Physical Science Demonstration Kit AP7262
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Combining Colored Light—Physical Science Demonstration Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Finally an easy way to combine the primary colors of light! Many people have seen white light dispersed into a spectrum after it has passed through a prism, but few have observed different colors of light combined to make white light. In this teacher-led demonstration, white light from an overhead projector passes through three holes in a plastic sheet. Each hole in the plastic is covered with a transparent sheet of colored acetate—one red, one green, and one blue. This allows red, green, and blue light to be projected as three separate circles onto a white wall or screen. With the help of convex lenses, the three projected colors are refracted and overlap with one another on the screen to create white light.
Kit comes complete with three convex lenses, plastic sheet with precut holes, and three colored transparencies. Detailed teacher notes and student worksheet are also provided. One overhead projector is needed for this demonstration.


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