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The Resonator Demonstration Kit

The Resonator Demonstration Kit AP7261
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The Resonator Demonstration Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Create the concepts of natural frequency and resonance with this dramatic demonstration your students will never forget! Students directly observe resonance in a pair of demonstrations using a series of wooden dowels. In the first demonstration, four wooden dowels of various lengths are placed in the wooden base, which is then rocked back and forth. The different-size wooden dowels resonate at different times as the frequency of the back-and-forth motion of the base is varied. In the second demonstration, dowels of different diameter are used—varying the frequency of the back-and-forth motion of the wooden base again causes the dowels to achieve resonance at different times.
Kit includes a pre-drilled wooden base, pre-cut wooden dowels, 7 sponge balls, sandpaper, and modeling clay. Detailed teacher instructions and student worksheets are also provided.


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