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Buffering Lakes and Streams—Environmental Science Demonstration Kit

Buffering Lakes and Streams—Environmental Science Demonstration Kit FB1911
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Buffering Lakes and Streams—Environmental Science Demonstration Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

People are encouraged to “go green” and reduce environmental pollutants that cause acid rain or other hazards. Is society alone in fighting these battles? Absolutely not—nature can help! This demonstration uses marble chips and dilute sulfuric acid solution with universal indicator to show how carbonate-rich soils neutralize acid rain. Students observe a rainbow spectrum of color changes as the acid rain solution slowly filters through the calcium carbonate “rocks” and is neutralized. The universal indicator color changes from red in acid to blue-green color, indicating that the solution has become more neutral. The resulting “lake” or filtrate will also neutralize additional acid rain, indicating that a buffer is formed.
This kit includes sufficient materials for seven demonstrations. Complete with detailed discussion section, reproducible student worksheets, and Teacher Notes.


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