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Recombinant DNA—Student Laboratory Kit

Recombinant DNA—Student Laboratory Kit FB1921
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Recombinant DNA—Student Laboratory Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Bring microscopic genetic techniques to life size by building a recombinant DNA plasmid! Simulate the roles of restriction enzymes and DNA ligase in the formation of recombinant DNA. Students will construct plasmid DNA using chenille wire and four different colored pony beads—each representing a different nitrogenous base. Students will manipulate the plasmid by locating restriction sites and cutting the chenille wire as the restriction enzyme would do to the plasmid. They will then insert genes of interest using pony beads, and twist the wire back together to simulate ligating the plasmid. Includes a pre-lab, paper-and-pencil activity to familiarize students with the process of forming recombinant DNA molecules before beginning the activity.
Complete with enough reusable materials for 30 students working in pairs, or 15 groups of students. Also includes reproducible student handouts as well as complete Teacher Notes.


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