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Lead in Soil

Lead in Soil FB1923
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Lead in Soil
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By: The Flinn Staff

Get the attention of this eco-minded generation as they discover that “healthy-looking” soil can contain traces of a toxic metal remaining decades after initial contamination. Students run an aqueous extraction on a dark, rich soil only to find that it may contain detectable levels of lead. Experiment provides a realistic analysis of contaminated soil. The background section describes the toxicology of lead on humans and also gives information about historical sources of lead contamination, such as lead-based paint, leaded gasoline, and foundry deposits. All of these processes have contributed to the accumulation of this stable element in the surrounding soil. Being able to analyze lead and other elements is key to solving environmental issues. Empower the next generation to become scientists and solve these problems!
The kit includes enough soil, lead solutions, and sodium rhodizonate for 30 students working pairs, or for 15 groups of students. A 0.1-g precision balance and other common laboratory supplies are required but not provided.


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