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Make a Print of a Magnetic Field—Student Laboratory Kit

Make a Print of a Magnetic Field—Student Laboratory Kit AP7287
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Make a Print of a Magnetic Field—Student Laboratory Kit
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By: Stephen Fuller
Lincoln College Prep High School, Kansas City, MO

Help students visualize the lines of force of a magnetic field—permanently! This hands-on activity combines science with art as students create beautiful, permanent prints of a magnetic field using special photosensitive paper, iron filings, and a bar magnet. The bar magnets included with the kit may be combined in different arrangements to explore how the lines of force change with attraction or repulsion. The photosensitive paper may be exposed using either sunlight or a UV lamp. Expect to see students exclaim with surprise as they develop the prints with just tap water! A great integrated activity to introduce a study of magnetism. Kit includes complete instructions with reproducible student handouts, valuable Teacher Notes with answers to all questions, and enough materials for eight groups of students. A total of 30 prints may be made.

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