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Conditions That Affect Transpiration

Conditions That Affect Transpiration FB1931
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Conditions That Affect Transpiration
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By: The Flinn Staff

Interesting and informative guided-inquiry activity is great for inclusion in your plant or cell processes unit! The thorough background section and pre-lab questions will help guide students as they develop a hypothesis and then design and carry out an experiment to determine how different factors affect transpiration. Kit provides step-by-step instructions for building a potometer, a standard laboratory device used to measure transpiration. The extensive Teacher Notes section describes many variables that were tested in our laboratory and also gives sample results. Potometer materials, seeds, and the supplies needed to grow seedlings are included in the kit.
Enough materials are provided for 30 students working in groups of five. A 0.001-g precision balance, support stands, clamps, as well as supplies to simulate wind, humidity, light and dark conditions are required but not provided.


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