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Let There Be Light!
Chemiluminescence Demonstration Kit

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Let There Be Light!
Chemiluminescence Demonstration Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Captivate students’ attention with four “enlightening” demonstrations about chemiluminescence!

• When light is produced without heat, that’s cool! Pour two solutions together to illustrate the light-producing reaction that takes place when luminol is oxidized.
• Astonish students with Energetic Lights’ ability to exhibit luminous longevity!
• Students will be de“lighted” as the same solutions appear a different color when exposed to a black light than when exposed to white light.
• Ignite students’ understanding of atomic emission! Observe the different color light produced as various salts are heated to their excited states.

Enough materials are provided to perform the demonstration seven times.
Concepts: Chemiluminescence, oxidation–reduction, catalysts, fluorescence, absorbance, transmittance, emission, excited versus ground states and atomic emission.
Time Required: One full class period.
Chemicals Provided: Calcium chloride, copper(II) chloride, energetic light solution, eosin Y solution, ethyl alcohol, fluorescein solution, hydrogen peroxide, luminol, potassium ferricyanide, rhodamine B solution, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide solution, and tonic water.


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