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Galileo's Gravity Drop

Galileo's Gravity Drop AP7297
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Galileo's Gravity Drop
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You have to do this experiment in your physical science class to dispel the most common myth about falling objects and gravity. Re-create Galileo’s legendary Leaning Tower of Pisa experiment with the unique gravity-drop apparatus. According to legend, Galileo dropped two balls of the same material but with different masses from the top of the tower to prove that objects experience a uniform acceleration of gravity. This theory overturned two thousand years of thought that the speed of a falling object is proportional to its mass—in other words, that heavy objects fall faster.
The mechanism in the gravity-drop apparatus will allow you to simultaneously and accurately drop two balls with different masses. Listen for the sound of them hitting the floor at the same time, and you may also hear a popular myth come crashing down. A great introduction to Newton’s first and second laws of motion! Includes teacher-written activity guide with student worksheets and suggestions for incorporating the experiment into your curriculum.


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