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Antibiotic Resistance—Student Laboratory Kit

Antibiotic Resistance—Student Laboratory Kit FB1928
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Antibiotic Resistance—Student Laboratory Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Make sure to finish your medicine! Many prescription bottles warn of the importance to take on time as directed and to finish the entire contents of the bottle. What happens if the patient misses a dose or if he decides to stop taking the medication? Students will obtain data by tracking the population of three different strains of bacteria, represented by three different colored bingo chips, throughout the antibiotic treatment. When the antibiotics are taken on time, every time, the bacteria will gradually become eliminated starting with the least resistant to most resistant. However, if a dose (or more) is missed the bacterial populations will grow. Students will construct a graph of their results and analyze the effects of the antibiotics on three strains having different antibiotic resistance levels. Witness students’ expressions as they finally understand the why the elusive prescription directions are so important!
This student activity kit comes complete with enough materials for 30 students working in pairs, pre-activity questions, reproducible student worksheet and post lab questions, and Teacher Notes.


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