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Exploring Light Sticks - Chemical Demonstration Kit

Exploring Light Sticks -
Chemical Demonstration Kit, AP7378
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Exploring Light Sticks - Chemical Demonstration Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

A fun way to shed some light on core chemistry concepts! Using common glow sticks, students learn about chemiluminescence, pH optimization, acid–base chemistry, and the action of a catalyst. Compare the effervescent glow of light sticks with different chemical additives to demonstrate the nature of the chemical reaction, the role of a catalyst, and the effect of pH on the ionization of the reactants. Fascinating consumer-science lab activity will capture your students’ attention as you relate chemical principles to their everyday lives. An enlightening demonstration! Kit includes complete directions, student worksheet with answer key, and materials for five demonstrations.
Concepts: Chemiluminescence, pH optimization, acid–base chemistry, catalysts.
Time Required: 25 minutes
Materials Provided: Sodium salicylate, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, light sticks.


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