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Estimating Hemoglobin Concentration—Student Laboratory Kit

Estimating Hemoglobin Concentration—Student Laboratory Kit FB1959
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Estimating Hemoglobin Concentration—Student Laboratory Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Simple blood tests can reveal important clues about a person’s overall health. In this hands-on lab activity, students will estimate the amount of hemoglobin in a small sample of blood using a colorimetric method. By comparing the color of their own blood to that of a standardized color chart, students will gain insight into the function and properties of hemoglobin in blood and the relationship of hemoglobin concentration to anemia. Human blood is used in this kit—please ensure an appropriate biohazard plan is available before performing this lab activity. Activity is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a diagnostic test.
Kit includes enough materials for 30 students. Disinfecting solution and a biohazard bag are required and sold separately.


Sodium Hypochlorite Solution, 475 mL
 HAZARD ALERT: Corrosive liquid; causes skin burns; reacts with acid to evolve chlorine gas; evolves chlorine when heated; moderately toxic by ingestion and inhalation; avoid contact with organic material. Storage: Inorganic #6 Disposal: #26b...
Biohazard Disposal Bags, Package of 25
Load with used pipets, Petri dishes, culture tubes and blood-typing materials. Bag and contents are then sterilized at 121 ºC (250 ºF) prior to disposal. An indicator patch changes color to note the completion of autoclaving. Printed in high-visibility...
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